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$19.95 Basic Oil Change at Meineke

Upgrade to Supreme and receive free Roadside Assistance! Contact your local Meineke service center for professional oil change and maintenance.

Changing your vehicle's oil is important because over time, oil breaks down. At Meineke, we use lubricating oil to reduce the amount of friction between the moving parts of the engine to help cool the parts of the engine that generate heat.

We Offer Money Saving Oil Change Packages

  • $19.95 Basic Oil Change
  • $29.95 Preferred Oil Change*
  • $49.95 Supreme Oil Change*

*FREE Roadside Assistance Included!

All of our packages include filter replacement, Meineke's 23-point inspection and tire pressure check. If you upgrade to a preferred or Supreme Oil Change, we will also top off fluids and balance all tires.
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Oil Changes from $19.95 at Meineke

How Often Does Your Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

Most technicians recommend an oil change every 3000 miles for maximum engine protection. Check your vehicle's owner's manual for the recommendations for your specific vehicle. Some manuals recommend an oil change every 7500 miles under certain driving conditions. Make sure your driving meets those conditions before you decide to risk waiting that long for an oil change. Our trained technicians can then assess your vehicle's needs, answer any questions and review your options.